Knee Wraps for Weightlifting with Bag (Pair) – Best Knee Wraps for Squatting & Knee Bands for Crossfit, Gym, Pain, WOD, Cross Training. Black Powerlifting Knee Support for Women, Men, Plus Size

$17.95 (as of May 20, 2020, 1:13 am)

✅ KNEE WRAPS FOR SQUATS COME IN A PAIR & THERE ARE 2 SIZES AVAILABLE: Shorter version 78’’ x 3.14’’ and longer version 118’’ x 3.14’’. Great weightlifting accessories for men and women.
✅LIFT MORE WEIGHT AND PERFORM MORE REPETITIONS by using knee sleeves for weightlifting. Did you know that support wrap does not only support your knee, but will actually make you able to lift more weight? Wraps for lifting cause elastic rebound effect which can help you to add 10% on your lift. Use gym knee support for exercises including squats, weightlifting, leg presses, deadlifts and power lifting.
✅DO NOT CONFUSE LIFTING KNEE WRAPS WITH SLEEVES as they are not the same thing. While knee sleeves help to keep your knee warm and relieve pain, the gym knee wraps are designed for helping to lift heavy weights and improve athletic performance. Use our product as powerlifting knee wraps, weight lifting knee wraps, knee brace for squats, knee gym support and also knee wraps for pain.